16th International Master Course of Phlebology 25-26 may 2018

Dear colleagues! On behalf of the Baltic Society of Phlebology I have the honour to invite you to Riga for the 16th International Master Course of Phlebology, that will take place in Riga from 25 – 26 May, 2018. The main objective of the Course in question is to review the most recent and progressive methods for the treatment of aesthetic vein diseases. The focus of the Course will be mainly placed on the laser therapy, both endovascular and transcutaneous, sclerotherapy and its various types, as well as mini- and micro- surgery, which enables treatment of veins without persistent scars. Additionally, throughout the Course a significant attention will be devoted for a thorough discussion of the possible combination of the aforementioned methods in order to achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic results with minimal risk of complications and further side effects. The Baltic Society of Phlebology are delighted and honoured that the faculty of the 16th International Master Course of Phlebology will be composed of high-level professionals acknowledged all over the world, such as the Prof. Kasuo Miyake, MD (Brazil), Prof. Zoltan Boehm, MD (Germany) and Prof. Alexander Flor, MD (Austria). On behalf of the Baltic Society of Phlebology I am looking forward to seeing you during the 16th International Master Course in Phlebology and welcoming you in Riga. I send you the Program of the meeting, Registrations form and Hotel reservation form in the file attached. Many greetings from Riga Prof. Dr. Uldis Maurins, MD Head of Dr Maurins Vein Clinic www.venucentrs.lv President of Baltic Society of Phlebology www.baltic-phlebology.org President of International Forum for Minisurgery of Varicose Veins Dr Maurins Vein Clinic Kokneses prospekts 18A LV-1014, Riga Latvia gsm: + 371 29 230 123 tel: + 371 67 315 316 fax: + 371 67 315 317 e-mail: uldis.maurins@venucentrs.lv www.youtube.com/user/VeinCenter

2018-09-11 17:06:24

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