5 Hands-On Workshop on Venous Disease

Miejsce: Cypr

Termin: 2014-10-30 - 2014-11-01

Organizator: European Venous Forum

now enhanced by the Venous Interactive Portfolio (VIP)


The 5th EVF HOW in Cyprus in 2014 is for you who want an introduction to or need an update of the management of venous disease. The workshop provides a unique programme focused on hands-on learning, a review of the latest updates and “state-of-the art” management of venous disease. Share in discussions and live demonstrations, bring your own case report and actively engage with the faculty and industrial partners in an informal atmosphere!

The EVF VIP is a website available to you before, during and after the workshop. You will have access to the presentations, important references and guidelines, the case reports, and supplementary information about the workshop stations. By repeated visits you can enhance your learning experience. Introduced last year it became an immediate success!

The workshop is open to all specialty physicians, including physicians in training, wanting to learn the latest in venous disease management. Participants are limited to 100: “first come, first served”


Bo Eklöf
Peter Neglén 
Andrew Nicolaides


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