3rd IUA Interrnational Summer Course for Young Vascular Specialists

Miejsce: Praga, Czechy

Termin: 2015-07-18 - 2015-07-21

Organizator: IUA - International Union of Angiology


The IUA Course for Young Vascular Specialists has been the result of a new initiative of the International Union of Angiology to promote the society among young vascular specialists and to bolster international contacts among vascular professionals from all around the world.

The first two courses were successfully organized in August 2013 and July 2014, hosting 27 and 34 young vascular professionals and approximately 20 internationally renowned faculty members from four continents. At this time we would like to invite young physicians, whether internists or vascular surgeons interested in the study of vascular disease, to participate in the Third IUA Course for Young Vascular Specialists that is to be held in July 2015 once again in Prague, one of the most visited cities in Europe.

The main objective of the four-day course will be again to provide participants with a clinical and pathophysiological background in vascular disease with a focus on the recent developments in diagnosis and management. As the first two courses have clearly proved, one of the unique qualities of this seminar lays in its interactive mode and almost unending possibilities to discuss any of the interesting topics with the faculty or attending colleagues. 


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