18th International Master Course of Phlebology

Miejsce: Riga, Latvia

Termin: 2018-12-14 - 2018-12-15

Organizator: Baltic Society of Phlebology



Dear colleagues and friends!

On behalf of the Baltic Society of Phlebology I have the honour to invite you to Riga for the 18th International Master Course
of Phlebology, that will take place in Riga from 14 – 15 December, 2018.
The main objective of the Course in question is to review and compare the most recent and progressive thermal and non
thermal methods for the treatment of saphenous veins. The focus of the Course will be mainly placed on non thermal ablations
methods and their comparison with actual golden standard - thermal ablation. Additionally, throughout the Course
a significant attention will be devoted for a thorough discussion of the best possible functional and aesthetic result with
minimal risk of complications and further side effects by using different techniques.
The Baltic Society of Phlebology are delighted and honoured that the faculty of the 18th International Master Course of Phlebology
will be composed of high-level professionals acknowledged all over the world, such as the Prof. Eberhard Rabe, MD
(Germany), Prof. Tomasz Urbanek, MD (Poland), Prof. A. Kursat Bozkurt, MD (Turkey), Prof. Felizitas Pannier, MD (Germany),
Aleksandra Jaworucka - Kaczorowska, MD (Poland) and Frantisek Zernovicky, MD (Slovakia).
The aforementioned review of the background of the international board of faculty provides the participants with an opportunity
to learn about the most successful and up-to-date ablation techniques from the world’s leading physicians specialising
in the care of the varicose veins.
The two-day workshop will focus on the latest techniques: non thermal and thermal, as well as provide “tips and tricks” for
the successful treatment of vein diseases.
The emphasis will be put on the learning efficiency by forming smaller groups of participants to ensure more opportunities
for questions and further discussions.
On behalf of the Baltic Society of Phlebology I am looking forward to seeing you during the 18th International Master Course
in Phlebology and welcoming you in Riga.

Prof. Dr. Uldis Maurins, MD
President of the Baltic Society of Phlebology
International Master Course


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