Aesthetic aspects in Treatment of Venous Diseases

Miejsce: Riga, Latvia, Avalon Hotel

Termin: 2014-05-23 - 2014-05-24

Organizator: Baltic Society of Phlebology

Dear colleagues and friends,
on behalf of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, I have the honour to welcome you in Riga
for the 9th International Master Course of Phlebology. The theme of this event is -
“Aesthetic aspects in Treatment of Venous Diseases”.
The aesthetic results play a key role in the treatment of venous diseases. Therefore this
workshop will be devoted to a combination of different technologies and methods,
covering hot topics from foam sclerotherapy and endovenous ablation, to miniphlebectomy
and mini-sugical therapy concept according V rady, to achieve the best possible aesthetic
We are honoured and excited to welcome Professor Zoltan Varady (Germany) - the
inventor of miniphlebectomy method in treatment of varicose veins, who will take part
in this course. More than 50 years ago Professor Varady has developed his method of
treatment for varicose veins that does not leave scars. Each event participant will have
the unique opportunity to learn from him.
I would also like to point out that Attilio Cavezzi (Italy), Vice-President of the International
Union of Phlebology, is joining us as well. In the recent years he has carried out extensive
scientific research in the field of sclerotherapy. He is also the author of numerous
publications on the topic of sclerotherapy. Thus it is my greatest pleasure that he is
participating in this master course.
This two-day workshop is designed for the phlebologists, dermatologists, surgeons and
vascular surgeons interested in treatment of venous diseases.
This is an opportunity to learn the most accurate and up-to-date techniques in treatment
of venous diseases from the world leading physicians in vein care.
Two-days workshop includes the latest techniques of sclerotherapy, laser ablation, laser
therapy of skin veins and miniphlebectomy, as well as “tips and tricks” to treat vein
problems successfully.
The emphasis will be on smaller number of participants and more opportunities for
questions and discussions.
I am looking forward to seeing you all during the 9th International Master Course in
Phlebology and welcoming youin Riga.

Uldis Maurins MD, PhD
President of the Baltic Society of Phlebology



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